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Together we've raised $65,000for the CCFA through this website since 2009!

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Meet Team Challenge Long Island: One Team - One Goal - To find a cure

Dear Friends & Family,

Wow! Since 2009 I’ve had the pleasure of completing six half marathons with Team Challenge, an incredibly successful program that in the same time has raised $60 million to benefit the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). I'm honored for the support to have raised $65,000for the CCFA during this time thanks to family, friends, colleagues and corporations.

To the left are my medals and assorted trinkets, including the wired race singlet from my last race in Las Vegas - with the lucky "straight flush" number! I'm often asked - why did I race five times for Team Challenge? Why do I work so hard for the CCFA? Here are a few reasons, three incredible stories of courage from people I've met through Twitter. These are my "tweeps" for twitter-peeps. We all have the same common goal…a cure for Crohn’s!

To the left is Julie aka @SemiColonGirl who raced for Team Challenge the first time in Napa in 2012 and has since completed two other races in Las Vegas and Chicago. She joined the team after learning of the program from my posts on Twitter. Julie suffered for many years and faced a life threatening struggle with Crohn's after her small bowel burst inside her. Visit her website ScrewYouCrohns.comto learn more about how she fights on with humor and the courage of a warrior, including a“semi-colon"tattoo on her leg!

Read the story of Matt, pictured to the right with his daughter Abby. Matt learned about Team Challenge from his parents who read of my story in Newsday. He is leading a great movement for awareness in central Florida, while working hard for his daughter's care and well being. Visit Matt's web site to learn more about why he runs and check him out on twitter too.

Powerful…Meet one of the most impressive guys I've ever met, also through Twitter. Michael @MJSeres lives in the UK, has severe Crohn's disease and had a small bowel transplant last year. He was only the 11th person there to have this procedure. He's in his mid 40’s with three children, the oldest a teenager also named Aaron like my oldest child. Michael is an incredible fighter having extreme courage through countless surgeries. Remarkably he carried the Olympic torch in July 2012 and is a strong advocate for patient rights. Visit his blog to learn about a true hero in our fight for a cure.

Below - with Michael in London, UK - December 31, 2013. Our meeting for tea was memorable!

Below - are my friends and teammates Simone, Jill and Tova - also fellow“semi colon”club members. They’ve been coping with either surgery or heavy drug therapies this year as they battle Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis. The mission of the CCFA plays out in how we treat my friends below.

Finally, the powerful pictures belowshares a bit more - Finishing my sixth half marathon in December 20142,000 people having pasta (and bananas) the night before the big race in 2011. We have a saying, "One team, one goal - a cure!" Everyone has a story. There is the saying that there is no "I" in Team, but there is an "I" in "Community" and "Family" and we're an impressive national group!

Whether walking or running great distances, or just tweeting and sharing stories, I'll continue to fight for myself, my family and for each of these people along with my incredible Long Island teammates. I'll fight for the friends I've met, either online or through this incredible program. I’ll fight for the memory of Steve, pictured above and to the right. I'll fight for the team, a global network of #Crohnies.

“To Dare Is To Do!

With Gratitude & Regards, Jon Cheris

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